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The Take the Initiative Campaign : Introduction

Take the Initiative and NO on the Six!  Are campaigns of the Labor/Community Strategy Center, and a voter registration/education/turnout and Fight the Right campaign.  In the face of the Right’s coherent ideology and tactical plan to launch initiative after initiative against progressive politics and human rights, we believe it is necessary to work in united fronts with other progressive forces to defeat these efforts.  Take the Initiative gives more emphasis to an independent voice to challenge the Right, which is especially important given the two-party move to the right and the need for independent, grassroots initiatives. The work of Take the Initiative focuses on:

  • Challenging racist, class-biased, anti-women, and anti-LGBT propositions.
  • Exposing the broader right-wing game plan that is systematically working for “free market” unregulated capitalism, a frontal challenge to the social welfare state, mass incarceration and a permanent war against the world and the planet.
  • Providing hard-hitting public education materials for grassroots groups, especially those working in communities of color independent of the major political parties.
  • Increasing voter registration, turnout and overall political engagement in Black, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and other oppressed communities and among high school and college students.
  • Raising and reawakening a sense of political engagement and political will in a new generation of leaders in low income communities of color whose members feel marginalized, disregarded, manipulated, and under attack.

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