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Voter Guide : Introduction
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In November, there will be 12 statewide propositions and several county-wide measures on the ballot. The Strategy Center’s Take the Initiative Campaign has targeted six ballot initiatives which we feel are attacks against working people; communities of color, especially women of color; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) communities and immigrants.   We think a statewide campaign that focuses on these six initiatives gives us the best chance to defeat all of them!  Our goal is to create a broad alliance of bus centered public transit fighters, those working to stop the growing prison/police state, and those who support full civil rights for LGBT people and women’s reproductive rights.

Two propositions continue the war of hate against low-income families, the never-ending war on crime, war on “drugs” and war on Black and Latino communities by demanding more prisons and more punishment.  Prop 6 (Runner Initiative) will try 14 year olds as adults and funnel billions more dollars from the state general fund to the prison system.  Prop 9 (Nicholas’ Law) the “lock ‘em up and throw away the key” initiative will exacerbate the already inhumane “bursting at the seams” prison conditions by creating additional hurdles for release.

Two propositions cut our social services by creating an ever-growing money suck that will undoubtedly cannibalize the backbone of Los Angeles and statewide public transit; which is a clean fuel, bus centered mass transportation system.  These propose corporate driven rail and highway construction projects will draw urgently needed funds from the best environmental alternative, a bus centered system, which they are working in tandem to dismantle.  This will only lead to fare increases, services cuts and the needs of the transit dependant swept under the rug.  Prop 1 a $10 billion San Francisco to Los Angeles High Speed Rail Project, and the LA County Measure R - MTA 1/2 Cent Sales Tax for rail and highway construction which will further raid funds from the bus system, pollute the air, increase deadly greenhouse gas emissions, and tax us to death when we can’t afford new taxes.

Two propositions attack the civil rights of women and Lesbian, Gay and non-gender conforming people.  Prop 8 will deny LGBT communities the civil right to marry and deny them their civil rights under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.  While marriage is an institution that many may seek and others may reject, it is a matter of choice and rights for LGBT people to make.  The false glorification of the heterosexual family must end.  Prop 4 tries again (the third incarnation of defeated Props 73 and 85) to limit all women’s right to choose by attacking young women who are pregnant.  The cry for “parental notification” has no concern for the young woman or her family.  It is another effort to destroy Roe v. Wade and women’s reproductive rights, placing a vicious web of guilt and liability on pregnant women and their doctors

Say, NO on the Six!  We believe that all of the initiatives we plan to defeat are attacks on Black and Latino, and Asian/Pacific Islander communities, attacks on the working class, attacks on LGBT people, attacks on inner city youth, on immigrants, and the poor.  They must be opposed by progressive people, independent people, and people of good will who are willing to stand up to both parties if necessary to fight for a true progressive agenda.  That is why our campaign T-shirts say, “NO on the Six, Get the Attacks Off Our Backs!”

The Strategy Center’s Take the Initiative Campaign is providing this ballot guide to encourage groups throughout California to do voter education programs with your members early and often and to encourage public participation in the voting process through informed discussion.  In the final analysis you will make up your own mind on each of the propositions, but we hope you will join the No on the Six Campaign.  Whether it’s on one, several or all six propositions—we look forward to working with you.  We want to build a statewide movement rooted in grassroots organizations that can stand up to these attacks and defeat all six ballot propositions.  That would be a coherent and powerful response to the Right and the bi-partisan prison and construction industries.  No on the Six can help build an independent progressive movement that can intervene in the ballot initiative process.  We are fighting to win and making the other side understand, “When we say no, we mean NO!”  Get the Attacks Off Our Backs.

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