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Proposition 6: Expansion of the prison and police state
Proposition 6 exploits the fear of crime in urban areas in order to position the prison and police system as the one and only solution to the symptoms of urban neglect and structural racism—drugs, crime and violence—and in doing so, further criminalize the youth and communities of the inner city and further take from social welfare programs.

Titled: 1326. Criminal Penalties and Laws. Public Safety Funding Statute.
See California Official Voter Information Guide Summary on Prop 6

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Eunice Kang
and Eva Luna
on California's
Propositions 6 & 9

TV Azteca

May 16th, 2008 Councilmembers Tony Cárdenas and Bernard Parks

ABC News


Flyers and Posters
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Proposition 6 Fact Sheet
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George Runner wants to lock you up
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Let's Defend our Youth
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Prosecuting 14 Year Olds as Adults is just WRONG
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Just Plain Wrong
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Fact on Prop 6
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The Struggle Continues
The Struggle Continues

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Education not Incarceration
Schools not Prisons!

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Proposition 6 targets young people, poor and working class communities, communities of color, especially Blacks, Latinos, and undocumented immigrants most harshly.  It would increase penalties for numerous “crimes” (such as vandalism, and the sale or use of methamphetamines) and facilitate the prosecution of youth as adults by deeming anyone 14 years or older charged with a “gang-related” felony as unfit for trial in a juvenile court which leads to longer sentences and an unsealed felony conviction for life. It would provide money to local housing authorities to conduct annual criminal background checks for Section 8 recipients and occupants with the intention of withdrawing the housing subsidy of people with recent convictions. It targets undocumented immigrants by denying bail to those charged with violent or “gang-related” crimes and by requiring local sheriffs, district attorneys and trial courts to report immigration status.

How is it possible that 44 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act California’s prison population has gone from 24,000 in 1980 to 173,000 today? This is not because of a rise in crime. The attacks on affirmative action and the mass incarceration complex are efforts to re-enslave Black people and Latinos and to lead a white backlash that never ends against the gains of the Civil Rights Movement. In this initiative, California State Senator George Runner (R-Antelope Valley) and billionaire funder Henry Nicolas III (who is currently indicted on charges of drug distribution, stock backdating and conspiracy) have put an initiative on the November ballot that aims to lengthen prison sentences, expand the number of penalties, and add millions more to the prison, police and probation systems. If approved, Proposition 6 also known as the “Safe Neighborhoods Act” will join California’s Three Strikes and Proposition 21 in helping to engorge the Black and Latino population in state prisons and further drain vital resources from low-income communities using the rhetoric of the “War on Gangs” (read War on Black and Latino youth). Proposition 6 exploits the fear of crime in urban areas in order to position the prison and police system as the one and only solution to the symptoms of urban neglect and structural racism—drugs, crime and violence—and in doing so, further criminalize the youth and communities of the inner city and further take from social welfare programs.  The Runner Initiative is called the “Safe Neighborhoods Act.” It should be called the “shatter the families initiative.”

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Also Opposed By

California Federation of Teachers; California Professional Firefights; California teachers Association; California NAACP; California National Organization for Women (NOW); Californians United for a Responsible Budget; Children's Defense Fund California; Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles; Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; Families to Amend California Three Strikes; Human Rights Watch; Islamic Shura Council of Southern California; National Council on Crime and Deliquency; National Korean American Service and Education Consortium; Office of Restorative Justice; Archdiocese of Los Angeles; South Asian Network; Youth Justice Coalition; Minorities in Law Enforcement; Former LAPD chief and current City Council Member Bernard Parks


Henry Nicholas III (sponsor of California's Three Strikes Law); State Senator George Runner; California Correctional Supervisors Organization; California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association

Prop 6 in the News (see more...)

La Opinion
City Council opposing Runner
Los Angeles contra iniciativa de Runner
“A mí me dieron una segunda oportunidad. Todos los jóvenes la merecen, porque si no…”. La voz de Luis Salazar se quebría media frase. Parado frente al micrófono en la sala de sesiones del Concejo de Los Angeles. El joven de 17 a os trataba de contener...( read article )
Published: June 12th, 2008

Concejo se opone a iniciativa 'Vecindarios Seguros'
Miembros del Concejo de la ciudad de Los Angeles votaron ayer en contra de la ley "Vecindarios Seguros", la cual catalogaron como una iniciativa equivocada, discriminatoria e inconstitucional, que representa un peligro para la juventud. (read article )
Published: June 12th, 2008

Further Reference

july 1st 2008
A letter urging support of the movement against the Runner Initiative

Dear Friends, we are writing to urge you to join the Strategy Center, Ella Baker Center, Youth Justice Coalition and the growing statewide movement in defeating a very dangerous November ballot initiative... (Read more)

Radio and Audio Segments (more)

90.7fm KPFK Uprising Radio
Proposition 6 Criminalizes Youth, Immigrants, People of Color
Broadcast August 7th, 2008
Featuring an interview with Lisa Adler on Proposition 6
Listen to this segment | the entire program (.mp3 format)

Campaign Updates ( more... )

October 14th, 2008 at 2:30pm
Join us for a March from Jail to School to Defeat Prop 6! We will meet at Men's County Jail in downtown Los Angeles and march to a local school. Flyer coming soon. If you are able to attend and/or can help with the event, please email lisa@thestrategycenter.org

August 9th, 2008
Over 60 organizations from Southern California attended a grassroots regional meeting to learn more about Props 6 & 9 and strategize on how to work together to fight these "lock 'em up and throw away the key" dangerous initiatives. Similar regional meetings were held in Northern California and Fresno. Thanks to all those who attended!



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