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In November, there will be 12 statewide propositions and several county-wide measures on the ballot. The Strategy Center’s Take the Initiative Campaign has targeted six ballot initiatives which we feel are attacks against working people; communities of color, especially women of color; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) communities and immigrants.   We think a statewide campaign that focuses on these six initiatives gives us the best chance to defeat all of them!  Our goal is to create a broad alliance of bus centered public transit fighters, those working to stop the growing prison/police state, and those who support full civil rights for LGBT people and women’s reproductive rights.

Two propositions continue the war of hate against low-income families, the never-ending war on crime, war on “drugs” and war on Black and Latino communities by demanding more prisons and more punishment.  Prop 6 (Runner Initiative) will try 14 year olds as adults and funnel billions more dollars from the state general fund to the prison system.  Prop 9 (Nicholas’ Law) the “lock ‘em up and throw away the key” initiative will exacerbate the already inhumane “bursting at the seams” prison conditions... Full Text...


The Take the Initiative Campaign

Take the Initiative and NO on the Six!  Are campaigns of the Labor/Community Strategy Center, and a voter registration/education/turnout and Fight the Right campaign.  In the face of the Right’s coherent ideology and tactical plan to launch initiative after initiative against progressive politics and human rights, we believe it is necessary to work in united fronts with other progressive forces to defeat these efforts.  Take the Initiative gives more emphasis to an independent voice to challenge the Right, which is especially important given the two-party move to the right and the need for independent, grassroots initiatives. The work of Take the Initiative focuses on... (read more)

A Letter to the Movement

For many of you who come from a strong human rights background, the support for the rights of Black and Latino youth and the opposition to the “war on crime” is something you understand. For those of you involved in LGBT work and women’s reproductive rights you have fought the Right and their line of false arguments for decades. But it may be confusing to some why the Bus Riders Union (BRU) and Strategy Center are so adamantly opposed to the MTA ½ cent sales tax and the L.A. to San Francisco high speed rail given that some environmental groups and many labor unions will support both measures. For too long, grassroots groups have been convinced that we should vote for every bond measure and every tax on the theory that the Right is against taxes and social programs. But where in fact do our taxes go? (read more)


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Proposition List

NO on Measure R: MTA's Racist Sales Tax
Los Angeles MTA's 1/2 cent sales tax to build rail and highway and dismantle the bus system. Read More...
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NO on 1A: A $10 Billion Rail-way Robbery
High-speed Rail Construction Bond - Billion dollar giveway.  
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NO on 4: Stop the attack on a woman’s right to control her own body!
Parental Notification - taking away women's control over their bodies.  Read More...
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NO on 6: Expansion of the prison and police state
The Runner Initiative - Expansion of the prison and police state.  Read More...
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NO on 8: No on Gay Marriage Ban
Constitutional amendment against same sex marriage. When “rights” are conditional for a certain group of people then all of our rights are conditional and can be taken away. Read More...
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NO on 9: Lock ‘em Up and Throw Away the Key
Nicholas' Initiative - Weakens the limited rights of parolees. Prop 9 masks its intentions in the concept of “victims rights.” Read More...
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