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Allies and Supporters

Various organizations and individuals are also on board with the No on the Six campaign. We are currently gathering statements to be collected here.

Please speak out now - add your statement to the growing list of supporters!


Ruthie Wilson Gilmore

craig gilmore


" No on the Six is an urgently needed campaign strengthening connections among those of us targeted for being poor, being people of color, being LGBT or being immigrants. It reinvigorates vital organizing principles: an attack on some of us is an attack on us all & if we allow ourselves to be divided, we shall be defeated. The horrifying prospect that these ballot initiatives might pass in November should be enough to get anyone involved in No on the Six, which holds open to us beyond the elections the potential for a model grassroots, multi-issue coalition to continue the struggle for justice for all. " 

Ruthie Wilson Gilmore, Author of Golden Gulag

Craig Gilmore, Long Time Prison Abolition Organizer

krea gomez  

 “No On the Six provides the most comprehensive, common sense information on the six initiatives that will have the most damaging implications to low income communities and communities of color in Los Angeles County . Not only does No On the Six discuss the financial implications that all Californians should be concerned about, but also the social implications it will have for the working class. We are urging those that care about our future as Californian’s, the future of our families and the future of our youth to Vote NO on the Six.”

Christina "Krea" Gomez
W. Haywood Burns Institute


nativo lopez-vigil  

“The No on the Six campaign is a reasoned and responsive answer to unreasonable propositions that weigh heavily on working families and low income persons, but especially persons of color. At this time of financial meltdown, caused by corrupt and criminal corporate profiteers, which has resulted in the loss of $3 trillion of working people’s pension and 401k plans and the foreclosure on 2 million homeowners, voters should not be asked to tax themselves. criminalize themselves, or discriminate against themselves once again. This is what the six propositions would do if approved at the polls. Tell the politicians - get your hands out of my pockets, I have no more to turn over to you.”

Nativo Lopez-Vigil, National President
Mexican American Political Association (MAPA)*
* Identification only


jaron browne  

“The Strategy Center’s No on the Six Campaign campaign is inspiring because it is an expression of working class solidarity. By putting together a platform that equally stands against racial profiling of youth, against control over young women’s right to chose, and against the homophobic attacks on equal legal protections for LGBT people--this campaign allows many of us to test how working class solidarity truly resonates in our base. Can we draw out a deeper solidarity with a platform as clear and direct as the call for racial, gender, and tax justice?

As a transgender person, it has been very difficult to hear the homophobia and hatred that campaigns like proposition 8 magnify. It can be difficult to raise these conversations within our organizations and struggle through how this messaging influences all of us--whether we want it to or not. In that way, the No on the Six Campaign is an opening that allows us to see one another more fully. Every mass organization across the country has LGBT members, and they may or may not be out. But as our organizations chose to connect the issues of civil rights and racial, gender, and economic justice, we create the space for a movement where we can all be our full selves and trust that we truly will have each others backs in our fight for total liberation.”

Jaron Browne, Lead Organizer
POWER -People Organized to Win Employment Rights (San Francisco)


collin raja  

“The National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights supports the No on the Six campaign. In a time of growing economic crisis hitting working families and communities nationwide, these propositions are designed to mislead Californians and scapegoat communities of color, particularly immigrants. Many of these propositions will cost billions of needless dollars in policies that target youth, LGBT communities and undocumented immigrants, with policies that have consistently failed. We urge Californians to vote NO! on these 6 propositions, and prevent further attacks on our rights.”

Collin Raja, Program Director
National Network of Immigrant and Refugee Rights


riKu matsuda  

“Voting NO on the 6 defends our humyn rights to peace, justice and self-determination. The haters crafting and supporting these oppressive initiatives work hard to generate fear in and about our communities. But they have more to fear when we get down across movements and demonstrate the power of multi-issue coalition building.“

riKu matsuda
FTM Alliance
The Morning Review--every other Thursday at 7-8am
KPFK 90.7 FM


john delloro  

“I found the materials helpful in terms of quickly summarizing the initiatives. Facebook approach was helpful for me because i get so much junk email that I miss things (plus, my email settings usually direct mass emails into my junk folder). To be quite honest, since the materials come from the Labor/Community Strategy Center, I usually don’t scrutinize the material too much because I have alot of respect for the work of the Strategy Center and agree with a number of the strategy center’s political principles (I must confess, I get so busy that I don’t have time to do my own research on all the initiatives).”

John Delloro
Board of Director
Pilipino Workers Center*
* Identification only


zachary norris  

The No on the Six campaign is exactly what we need!  The materials concisely state how the right is targeting vulnerable communities through the ballot box and the campaign points a way forward to stop this assault and build a cross-racial movement that can go on the offensive to win new rights and opportunities for our communities.

Zachary Norris, Esq
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights*
Oakland, California

* Identification only



The most helpful part of the No on the 6 Campaign is that it’s a simple, yet effective way of highlighting propositions that will have an adverse effect on poor and working communities of color. Given the enormous attention given to the historic presidential campaign, grassroots organizers will need to battle hard to capture the attention of our communities around many of the ballot initiatives.  The No on the 6 Campaign is great attempt at doing so.

Kokayi Kwa Jitahidi, Civic Engagement Coordinator


mari rose taruc  

“The Strategy Center’s early strike to defeat these six propositions set the stage for the Left to look up, while many of us were still trying to make sense of it all. The voter guide had strong analysis, bold language and made clear connections between the many ballot initiatives. It felt like an offensive stance and we need more of that!”

Mari Rose Taruc
APEN (Asian Pacific Environmental Network)
* Identification only

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As a grassroots effort it is extremely important to us that we hear back directly from people on how our work impacts the community. We would like to hear your comments and feedback on what ideas and connections from the No on the 6 platform that you have found useful. (If you have a question or would like to contact us, please use the form here)

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